Climb aboard and meet the Pirates


The Capn & Crew of the           Pirate Ship POTCHEEN

          The  Cap'n :   Captain Block   


Christian Blochinger (Queens NY/Sparta, NJ)
          Band Leader, Manager.  Lead Singer/Songwriter - Drums - Percussion 
                  Tourbus Driver (Master of the Black Anne Bonney)

Born in Queens New York, Raised in Sparta New Jersey. Christian began his journey of music While he attended
Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, FL.where his love of music found its outlet at drum circles in
"the Jungle" (a Botanical Garden on Campus) where he first played percussion and at hundreds of Grateful
Dead Shows parking lot jams. Upon graduation he moved back north for a spell and then heeded the call to
move WEST to Colorado  and began his journey of Percussion playing in every kind of band he could.

After years of playing in Jam, Folk, Rock, Funk, Blues,and assorted World Bands..He embarked on a journey when he founded The Potcheen Folk band in 2003 from some local musicians he met at the Open mic he was running in Evergreen, CO. In 2008, The band was reformed with better Pirates and became known as simply POTCHEEN.
The First and b
est Celtic pirate rock band in the World.

Christian is proudly endorsed by Sabian Cymbals, Gon Bop Percussion and Rupp's Drums.

Christian uses Gretch Catalina Maple Drums with a DW Pacific snare and Sabian AAX cymbals. 
                             Gibraltar, DW and LP hardware. 



                                                        THE BLOODTHIRSTY CREW 

Chelsea Joy (Scottish Bagpipes, Irish Flute)
Quartz Hill, CA

The Capn first saw this cinnammon girl playing with a band that used treachery to steal out headlining spot at a festival in Wyoming, So the Capn took it in stride and Stole their Piper!!!   Chelsea Joy is the youngest member to join this pirate troupe, The firey lass lives up to her name bringing JOY to the audience with her kickass piping.


Brian Caplan  (Acoustic Guitar/Vocals)
Boulder, CO.

Brian was born in Boulder, CO more than 21 years ago. He was raised a poor, traveling Bard by a coven of harpies. HE soon escaped the coven and set out across the Globe finding his own musical niche, He has has shared stages with October Project in NYC, Nathan Osmond in Hawaii, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy in London, and toured the country with String of Pearls for 5 years.  
Potcheen, He claims is by far, is his favorite  band to play with because he's happy to don a kilt once again alongside his Celtic Brethren

Erin go Bragh!


Dave Sweeney ( Bass Guitar/Vocals) 



Bobby Krech (Mesa, AZ)     Fiddle/Violin/Mandolin
A long time friend of the Capn, you can see the fastest, sickest Fiddler in The Rocky Mts. add his rapid fire string sizzling to the Pirate ensemble.

Neil ZIimmerman  (Long Island, NY)  Electric and Aoustic Lead Guitar

A longtime friend and collaborator of the Capn, Neil  has toured on may a campaign with the band and helped pen the Album "Take No Prisoners" 

Conscripts (former bandmates that make special appearances)


Lord Snow. (Jon Smiley) (Electric and Acoustic Guitars)
(Evergreen, Colorado)


Long Stash Barton' (Electric Guitar)
(Joseph Barton) Denver, Colorado/Seattle Washington.

El LEPRECHANO. (Electric Bass, Vocals)
Rich Lopez Jr.(Denver, CO)